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Farewell to Max

Posted by naomi5 on September 13, 2013

Today sees the last day of our youngest employee, Max.

 2 years ago Max came to us straight from school on a carpentry apprenticeship with the CITB.


Posted by naomi5 on June 07, 2013

I was interested to read recently an article about women in the construction industry.

 According to a survey carried out by they found that over half of built environment professionals surveyed, less than 10% of them were female.

 The article suggested that the industry would need to introduce a quota to ensure that a certain amount of women become employed in the sector.

According to Buildingtalk “The measure of a quota would also help address the shortfalls in female talent” with shortfalls of 28% in the oil, gas and power sector and 17% in both engineering and building services.

Hard Hat Regulation

Posted by admin2556 on April 12, 2013

Reading through some construction articles earlier in the week, I came across something about the scrapping of hard hats in the construction industry.

My first reaction was shock and I immediately thought that it was an irresponsible decision on behalf of the HSE to revoke their Construction (Head Protection) Regulations of 1989 from the 6th April 2013.

Mencap Sparkle Evening

Posted by admin2556 on February 13, 2013

Last Friday, Master Trades attended the Super Sparkle Evening at Moorlands Junior School in Bath, to raise money for Mencap's Super Saturday Club based at Threeways School, Odd Down.



Posted by admin2556 on January 21, 2013

In 2012 we had the deluge of rain, which hindered the ability for projects to be completed in time. Now the recent snowfall, which is turning to ice, is having another serious impact within the construction industry.