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Posted by admin2556 on January 21, 2013

In 2012 we had the deluge of rain, which hindered the ability for projects to be completed in time. Now the recent snowfall, which is turning to ice, is having another serious impact within the construction industry.

Not only does the industry have to adhere to strict guidelines concerning scaffolding and ladder climbing and roofing works during the cold weather, but there is also the added problem of freezing materials.Bad-weather.jpg

Any wet trades i.e blockwork and rendering using sand, cement and concrete need to be done in a rising temperature and not frozen to start with, otherwise will fall apart and/or crack and be deemed useless. This is not only frustrating for the tradesmen but can also prove costly due to the wastefulness of resources and the time spent re-doing the work.

Other complications that can prove costly are the delays in completing the project. Snow and ice on the roads can cause delays in materials getting to the site, along with employees not being able to get to work. These all have a negative impact to the main contractor, which need to be factored in when he prices for the work.

Hopefully, after this cold period we can get back to some dry warmer weather, so that builders can get on with their job.